Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Baking on the Rhine

It's been stupidly hot for the past couple of days: up to 35 degrees C a lot of the time. So, in celebration of this, a couple of Vancouver girls and I are going to take a cruise on the Rhine; take in a few breezes, some beautiful scenery. Then for afters, we're going to a drag show this evening. Should be fun!

Strike that... the two ladies I was going with have decided on an early night in, in preparation for their long flight home tomorrow, and although I probably would have chickened out on my own anyway, the place we were planning to go appears to no longer be in existence. Now I'm trying to decide whether it's okay to be late to the Jazz Night's "Improvisations with Dong-Ah Broadcasting College Band", or whether I'm just going to wander around downtown until it gets to be too dark. Stay tuned :-)


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