Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ulti News

I'm afraid our second game didn't bear posting about; as we managed to lose it by one point while playing against a team that could only field 6 players. I mean, I know that traditionally my team doesn't really play defense, but even so!

Fortunately, we started to catch last night, and won our game handily 15-5... and yes, definitely the only change was that we started to catch. I personally put up tons of swill that were only saved by the consummate skill of my teammates in pulling down crappy blades; and I wasn't the only one.

Maybe next week we'll all remember how to run too. I can definitely tell that the team is getting older - with the exception of Bird; who through her efforts of training for the half-marathon has somehow gained speed. Not what I would have expected from endurance training, but there you go. To paraphrase Chris exceedingly loosely: 'I'm sorry I kept looking you off, Bird, but you were going so fast I didn't recognize you. I kept thinking 'Who is that blonde streak running across the field? Can't be someone on our team!'"

It definitely changes the dynamic of the game for me when there are two toddlers on the sidelines. My multi-tasking skills don't seem to be up to the challenge of keeping myself mentally in the game and playing with Rohan and Catherine on my points off. Gotta work on that.


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