Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Moving my nose in a book

Most of the time when I get my nose stuck in a book, the entire universe stops until I’ve finished. However, there is the rare occasion when I am still aware enough of the other tasks I must do that I end up trying to read and do things at the same time.

I don’t think there are many times when I look more foolish than when I’m trying to read at the gym. Running on the elliptical trainer, stretching, lifting weights… all of these things can be done while reading; though I must say that it requires a special kind of dexterity to hold the book steady in one hand while running and swinging the other hand on the movable arms of the machine.

On the one hand, I get a lot more stretching done when I’m reading a book, and the time on the elliptical trainer seems to pass a lot more quickly, but on the other hand, I get a basketful of strange looks, it takes me twice as long to complete my workout, and the intensity level? I’d have to say it takes a hit.


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