Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ulti and Migraines Don't Mix

I started missing catches partway through our game last night, and realized that my eyes were functioning as if I'd been staring at the sun for too long... however, it wasn't until my peripheral vision started clouding over that I realized I was under attack by "the dreaded migraine".

Two advil and many points spent with my feet up on a chair later, the visual effects were gone and I was back on the field. I played much better for those points, if I do say so myself, getting a couple of D-blocks; but I didn't make it through the entire game prior to the materialization of the anticipated knife-like headache.

Fortunately, it wasn't so bad that I was unable to sleep; and a little over nine hours of sleep later, I'm not in pain anymore. Although I do feel somewhat like a used dish rag - wrung out and somewhat grotty.

On the good news side, we finally won a game! Damn good thing too - we won it 17-16 while playing with no male subs (and the first couple of points we went 4-3 the wrong way). If we'd lost it by less than two points after Bird and Michelle arrived on time and the other team counted points against us for lateness, Bird would have imploded.


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