Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dancing with a 3 year old girl is dangerous!

I'm back on the injury list again. This time for no particular reason that I can tell!

I was dancing in the kitchen with Catherine and Darcy, and admittedly, I might have been leaping a bit rambunctiously from leg to leg as we danced around our circle, but even so! All of a sudden, it felt like someone had punched my calf as hard as I could. I collapsed to the floor and asked Darcy (tentatively, I hope!) if she had kicked me, and when she said no, I asked "well, did I run into a counter or cabinet or something?" and when she said no to that, I knew it was all bad.

Welcome to the world of the calf pull, where I can apparently look forward to 2-4 weeks of recovery time before I can walk normally again. The bruising is kinda pretty though - no pinks or purples or rainbow colours, just a faded wash of red-brown mottling the back of my calf.

Apparently Catherine thinks it was her mother's fault. Poor Darcy! I'm clearly just fragile, given that I can conjure an injury out of thin air!

And sadly, the timing is not the greatest. I'm really hoping to cut down on the recovery time frame... I've only got 4 weeks until the first performance of Iolanthe, and we start doing full run-throughs almost daily as of March 11th.

Wish me luck!


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