Friday, November 09, 2007

Out of My Shell

Anyway, I'd like to be. I spend quite a lot of time reading various opinion pieces on the economy, and on government and so on. I'd like to think that I'm taking enough of that information in to have something to say.

So, my current take?

Cutting the GST is not an effective tax choice. What our society needs right now is more saving, not more spending. Don't reduce the disincentive to spend - give me more power to save, by cutting income taxes.

And while we're on the topic of income taxes, start using them to build infrastructure for future economic health. We need fast and effective communication and transportation channels across the country, and I'm suspicious that fleets of heavy trucks are not the solution over the long term. Even if they were, we'd need to invest in maintaining/improving our highway system.

Finally, where's the communication? I don't just want to hear about the government's final decisions, handed down to me in the form of a throne speech, or a budget. Give me some frank talk that proves that you the government understand the choices you're making, that you have weighed all sides of any given topic before making decisions on how to address it.

And another thing - attack ads are disgusting. Period. I don't care which party you are. Talk to me about the issues. Prove to me you have a brain, a policy group worth listening to, and a plan for running my country.

Of course I'm hearing a lot more Conservative attack ads at the moment, since they're bombarding my radio station with their stupid "It's difficult to make priorities" advertisement. Guess they really thought there would be an election this fall, huh.

If you're willing to take a 3 second clip out of context, every person on this planet could be made to look stupid, indecisive, obstructive, or any other negative quality you cared to portray. Much easier to tear someone down in 3 seconds than to do the other thing.


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