Friday, November 04, 2005

Wiggly Fun!

Wednesday evening I had the privilege of taking my goddaughter to see the Wiggles concert, in company with her grandmother, Karen, and Karen’s 17 month old son Rohan. The plan was to meet at my goddaughter’s and pick up the tickets from her father. Ominously, the evening did not start well. After a couple of accidents early in the rush-hour, Ottawa drivers stuck in the downtown core were doing their best imitation of a herd of confused lemmings. In theory I was meeting Myrna and we were driving together, but I arrived at Myrna’s to see a note on the door instructing me that she had left without me as she was late. To which I say: I have a cell phone now! Call me when you make decisions like this! At any rate, I am apparently a much more insane driver than Myrna, or perhaps I know better routes through the city, as I arrived at the rendezvous only seconds after Myrna and Karen.

When we first got into the Corel Centre, I had a few moments of irrational fear (we were only three rows from the edge and I do not deal well with heights), but once we got sitting down, I was much better. Catherine sat and stared, mesmerized, for at least the first half hour of the Wiggles, sitting on her grandmother’s lap and clutching her hand for reassurance. It was exceedingly difficult to tell whether she was scared or was delighted but was simply overwhelmed. Fortunately, the distinction was made clear when, after moving to my lap for a couple of songs, she got down and started to dance. From there the way was clear, and despite occasional distractions from Rohan (who was trying to pet her hair and give her hugs) and from snacks, Catherine enjoyed the show so much that when it ended she stood there yelling: No! More! … More!!!

Grandma bought her the DVD for the show, and as soon as Catherine saw it she was imperious in her desire to hold the DVD (and open it, and watch it). I tried to tell her during the car ride home that she wasn’t going to be able to watch her new “Wubbles” DVD when she got home, but she would have none of it. We left her home with Dad, strongly convinced that he was going to have a rough time getting her to bed.

Sadly, I managed to lose my brand new cellphone on the way into the show - doh! Even after retracing my steps and talking to Guest Services, I could not find it. I called the Corel Centre Thursday morning to ask about lost and found and they directed me to the Command Centre, which did not have my cellphone, leaving me somewhat dubious about ever getting my cellphone back. However, when I called my cellphone, the Corel Ticket Centre answered. All is well that ends well, though I must say the Corel Centre should organize itself to have one, and only one, lost and found service.


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