Thursday, December 15, 2005


Last night, a guy on my team made a really hot D on a dump throw. He looked upfield, yelled something about needing a cut, and upon seeing that nobody is racing downfield for the long pass, throws a huge O/I disc golf style huck to the other end of the field. I couldn’t help but laugh… did I mention that this guy is in his forties? What fun to catch a glimpse of his inner two-year-old!

Sadly, the captain later said that we were not each entitled to a two-year-old moment this season… I was looking forward to having mine :-)

I just have to point out that since he D’d the disc on the dump throw; by definition there was nobody more than 5 yards downfield of him when he made the play.

Though in some ways, I can’t blame him… we had a pretty rough game last night (catching and throwing... are those things important in this sport?), and got our asses handed to us as a result. We must have used up all of our pixie dust on Marta's one handed hammer catches last week. I can only hope we get a fresh supply for next week.


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