Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Home Stretch

I went to visit Karen last night, so as to see her before she flies home to Calgary for Christmas. I had an enjoyable evening chatting and hanging out, and I cleverly took all of my presents and wrapping materials with me. I achieved the wrapping of every present I’ve bought so far, including all the stocking stuffers, and now all I need is a single stocking present for Catherine, and I will be all done! Yippee!

Karen was wiped last night, as she had foolishly scheduled not one, but two job interviews on a day when she also had the excessive amounts of packing induced by traveling home with one’s toddler for Christmas. I’m crossing my fingers that the job she’s interested in works out. (I pause to emote: “Good luck! Good luck!” into the ether).

Only a few days left until Christmas… are you ready?


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