Sunday, March 26, 2006

Return to Urbanity!

Maria and I arrived in Sydney yesterday, and wow, what a change! We'd gotten used to sleepy New Zealand towns, where the sidewalks get rolled up at 5:30 and you can't eat supper until 6 (they literally will not serve you until 6... what's up with that?).

We're staying right downtown in Darling Harbour, and while our hotel isn't the fanciest, we are only steps away from sizzling nightlife. We walked down to the waterfront last night after checking in, and just soaked in the hustle and bustle of crowds of people enjoying the harbour.

This morning we visited the Sydney Aquarium, which we both agreed was amazing; me because of the fantastic displays of coral and tropical fish, and Maria because of the fantastic displays of sharks. And for a bonus, we got to see platypi (sp?), crocodiles, and penguins, along with other fascinating marine animals. Only three more days until our holiday is over: I think we'll be packing these next few days full of touristy activity :-)


Blogger ClubChiq Sydney said...

Hi, just happened across your blog. Glad you're enjoying Sydney. I think it's "platypuses", I'll have to check that one. :) If you have any photos of yourselves enjoying Sydney's nightlife, feel free to post them on my website (see below). Cheers!


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