Sunday, March 12, 2006

Beautiful Wedding!

By all appearances, Jenna has found herself a wonderful man to call her own. The wedding was outdoors in a garden setting at a place called the Country Yard, and the weather cooperated beautifully, right to the minute that the last picture was taken (shortly after which the skies opened and the heavens poured down). The theme of the wedding was Canada and New Zealand, so the bridesmaids were stunning in red, and the balloons were white and red and blue. I'll be posting pictures, but not until I get back to Canada.

Since then Maria and I have driven ourselves up the west coast, through a couple of forest reserves, past a truly breathtaking ocean view at Opononi, on roads that were at times so narrow and twisy that I, the driver, was getting carsick. We've been enjoying a very relaxed approach to vacationing; seeing one or two things a day, and sleeping at least 12 hours (some of that is in naps however, so it isn't as decadent as it sounds). I think we both need the chance to recharge our batteries.

Tomorrow we've got our first full-day horse trek. Can't wait!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you Tara and you Maria are having a wonderful time exploring “down under”. It also sounds like the bride & groom are having an equally great Time! Do post more!! We want to hear more of what is happening, and will watch your blog with anticipation. LOL B & J

4:28 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Tara, this is dad. Hi Maria. Tara, your mum and I are enjoying your NZ trip vicariously – it reminds us of our first explorations “down under “ – yup – back, in the dark ages: 1971! This is Mom. We had a great weekend in Aukland in 71. Some impressions –the empty streets, closed stores and empty hotel lobbies on the Saturday afternoon we arrived. “Where was everybody?” we asked a grumpy bus driver sitting in an empty bus. “At the beach,” he replied; toast served on a silver rack; the Aukland extinct volcano; the speedriders at the motorcycle races – we sat next to the wife of one of the racers who was hiding a broken leg (he won, I think) – they drove us back to our hotel. New Zealanders are so hospitable! LOL from both of us!!!

6:35 p.m.  

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