Saturday, April 01, 2006

Home again!

In one piece; if somewhat luggage deprived. We arrived at the Sydney airport slightly more than three hours early to check in for our flight home, only to have the lights go out just as we were getting to the front of the line.

Unfortunately, the entire terminal was affected by the power outage. Fortunately, they have backup power, so we weren't in the dark. However, it took them an hour before they got anything working, and then they were starting to hand-check luggage. Although we didn't get confirmation that our luggage was not wanted on the voyage until we arrived in LA, I think we can be pretty certain it never made it out of Sydney.

But I am home, looking forward to a reunion with my kitty-cats tomorrow, and if I'm lucky, a reunion with my luggage within a few days. And if not, at least my newly acquired opals were in my purse :-)


Anonymous Gnomon said...

Welcome back! I hope your luggage and sleep schedule catch up soon!

3:56 a.m.  

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