Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good Times

Played in the Mixed-Up Coed Ultimate tourney this weekend for the third or fourth year in a row. Heading into the tournament I was extremely skeptical as to my ability to play 6 games of ultimate over two days, and was somewhat concerned that as my teammates and I get older, we'd be less able to compete at a competitive tournament level.

We went into the tournament seeded last, which I think was a bit harsh, though at the end of the first day, having won our first game, lost our second game by 2, our third game by 1, and our fourth game by 4, we still ended up last in our pool.

Still, for most of the day we were damn hot! If we could have just kept it together against the Chickens, life would have been good.

Sadly, in fifth place, we were relegated to a consolation round filled with two very spirited games against Junior B teams from Ottawa and Sherbrooke. We stomped them, which is the only expected outcome when veterans (I don't care how out of shape!) play against 12-17 year olds.

If only some of Saturday's fighting spirit, and more importantly competence in the areas of throwing, catching and playing defence, had stayed with us for last night's league game.

Instead, in a bizarre twist of fate, we tied with the U-files for a second time this season. Nothing like friendly competition with an old foe :-)


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