Thursday, October 26, 2006

On witches and goblins and other spooky things

Despite getting the call to play ultimate on an emergency substitue basis at 8:17 pm last night, I still managed to make my witch's hat! I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered... there's nothing like making up a sewing project as you go to add to the feeling of accomplishment at the end.

It may or may not stay on better than the ones I could have bought at the dollar store... though I'm planning to add a chin strap to increase the odds as much as possible. It probably won't last any longer than storebought; there are some disadvantages to using cardboard as the framework for a hat... but how often am I going to be a witch anyway?

As for goblins, does anybody else remember the very silly Hallowe'en song that was printed in one of the very early piano lesson books? (probably Grade 1)... I found some lyrics on the internet (see below) but they don't quite ring true to my memory, so I'm soliciting other opinions:

Halloween and out we’re going, ghosts and goblins all about.
Halloween and out we’re going, out to play the game shell out!
Knock, knock, knock, and then we’ll shout!
Knock, knock, knock, shell out, shell out!
Then a gust of wind comes blowing
Blows my pumpkin lantern ouuuuuuut.

I think the other spooky things are all in my head. I'm still fuzzy from whatever bug took me out on Monday - and staying up late to sew probably didn't help.

Next up, carving pumpkins!


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Hey girl, you're going to have to have some Hallowe'en fun for me this year! They just don't do it here in NZ. It's "too American" but they don't mind the British tradition of blowing things up on 5 November. *grumbles a lot*
I tell you, if Stephen and I ever have kids, I'm moving home! LOL

1:52 a.m.  
Blogger Aletha said...

I think I might be responsible for having the Hallowe'en fun for Maria too - she's stuck in another city for work :-) Not to worry, I'm on the case!

12:59 p.m.  

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