Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Giving up the cycling

I had high hopes of continuing to cycle into work late into the fall, but this morning I think I've decided to stop the insanity. It is already cold enough that even with two headbands on I arrived at work with a bit of an earache from the cold.

Yes. I'm a wimp.

And feeling guilty about reverting to driving to work as the sole passenger in a car... but the cost of taking the bus is just too high. I can drive pretty much as the crow flies in 15-20 minutes, but to bus I'd end up bussing into downtown and back out again, taking two buses, which would be 45 minutes if they all linked up perfectly. As if that would happen on a regular basis!

On the other hand, this will mean that I'll end up going back to the gym to get my work-day exercise, which will be very good for controlling my pain levels through stretching. And I can give my brother my bike, thus avoiding having to rehabilitate my father's old bike (which has been out of commission for ~5 years and would probably require a lot of work to become ridable again).

So even at the cost in guilt, I think this week is it for cycling.


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