Friday, January 18, 2008

Sauce for the goose!

So, I buy the argument that as a black kid in a Toronto school, you are taught a whole bunch of Eurocentric history/culture, and that gives you no model for succeeding as a black person. I buy the argument that our schools should be teaching about the successes of black people, and also should be teaching black history and culture and so on.

Why on earth would we want to remove the black kids from our school system in order to do that? Isn't it just as important for the rest of us to know about black history and success and culture and so on? I want my future children to know about the history and successes of all the peoples of the world. In today's global society it is important that we all have knowledge of and respect for a huge variety of cultures and traditions!

And not the pansy kind of knowledge that involves celebrating 80 holidays of 10 various cultures every year. I mean solid information on the history and accomplishments and cultural values of people around the world. That's what we should be striving for in our educational system, not separating out the various cultures and teaching them separately.


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