Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Classic Landlady Moment

Last night, 11:15 pm; much banging and thumping is heard.
11:25 pm, just as I start to get really annoyed; there is a knock at the door.
11:26 pm; Julie sheepishly admits that her friend closed and locked the door to the bathroom on his way out. Now there is no way to get back in.
11:27 pm; I try to slide a credit card through the doorlatch. No dice.
11:28 pm; Linda comes up from downstairs and asks if we could cease all of the banging, as she has to get up at 5:00am. We apologize profusely (as I’m mentally thinking, I wouldn’t have been doing any banging if I’d been asked earlier).
11:29 pm; I try to slide a knife through the doorlatch. No dice. Meanwhile, Louis has been trying to get the door off its hinges (hence all of the banging previously). Despite heaving and pulling, the door stays put.
11:30 pm; I call City Locksmith and ask for an emergency visit.
11:35 pm; through Herculean effort, Louis gets the door off it’s hinges.
11:37 pm; I convince Louis and Julie that it would be best to cease amending the door/latch situation until the next day.
11:38 pm; I call City Locksmith and cancel the emergency visit.

Sigh. You’ve gotta love self-starting tenants. They replaced the door to the bathroom, but unfortunately when they did so they chose to put a key lock on the bathroom, with the kind of quarter turn handle lock that locks you out on your way out the door. I’d have been happy to get a bathroom privacy lock if they’d asked! Spending ten dollars on a door handle is much cheaper than paying a locksmith a hundred bucks to visit at midnight.


Blogger ISS School News and Views said...

You should publish this. I nearly died laughing. What a delightful story!

6:46 p.m.  
Blogger Norman said...

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