Thursday, December 29, 2005

Post-Christmas Summary

Working on the theory that nobody is reading my blog right now anyway, I’m going to indulge myself in a lengthy accounting of my Christmas experience:

At church Christmas Eve, Darcy, Myrna and I sang a trio with Kaisa playing flute. I really enjoyed the service, and the recessional hymn Silent Night was gorgeous: Victoria is always fabulous on the organ, but we also had Paule playing the glockenspiel and Kaisa on the flute, to great effect. I’d never heard a glockenspiel before, but it produces a beautifully bright, clear, high-pitched bell sound.

Christmas day was the usual Rootham/Demarsico insanity of many, many people opening many, many presents. I made out quite well on the present front, but it was almost more fun watching Catherine opening her gifts.

I’m not sure she fully expected the circus that is Christmas, but she was definitely old enough to understand that she was getting new toys, and to start playing with them as soon as they were out of the wrapping.

However, the toys just kept on coming, and by the end of it, Catherine’s whole face was drooping in exhaustion. However, she lasted the whole day without any bad temper – instead, she spend the last few minutes of present opening asking if she could watch Dora. “Please, let me watch Dora, anything so I don’t have to think for a few minutes!!!”

Speaking of which, I think that if I was a parent, Dora would be one of those DVDs that I’d be letting my child play with as much as they want until the DVD was ruined. Catherine, you want to take the DVD in and out of the box, over and over again? Here you go, play with the Dora DVD!

Why, you might ask? Dora is very, exceedingly repetitive, and all of the episodes are modelled on the exact same plot/scene structure. Did I mention the repetition? We’re not just talking about using a few “theme words” liberally throughout an episode. No, I mean repetitive, as in, repeated 5 times in a row, then a few minutes later, another 5 times, and more. And, if that weren’t already bad enough, everything is spoken very slowly.

However, Dora was as much of a nap as Catherine took Christmas Day; I missed most of the racing around, but I have it on good authority that Catherine played with her Aunt Audrey for hours, running back and forth around and around the basement, shaking maracas and tambourines, and colouring, and etc.

Then we had a sumptuous, gargantuan Christmas turkey feast with all of the regular trimmings and a few extra. It’s a good thing we Canadians only indulge in this kind of excess twice a year.

All in all, a good Christmas.


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