Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Never Give Rides to People From a Suspected Crack House

Gee, it seems so obvious in retrospect…

However, it was so wet and icy this morning, and the woman leaving next door seemed so pathetic (and so obviously not going to get anywhere) that when she asked me to give her a lift to the corner, I said yes.

Next, I made a critical mistake. I left her in the car while I walked back to the house to drop the salt can back in the bag of salt (this took less than a minute).
Then we were on our way and I dropped her at a bus stop.

When I got to work, I discovered that my wallet wasn’t in my purse. Not being 100% certain I hadn’t left my wallet at home, I waited until lunchtime and went home to search my apartment. No wallet.

Now, for the fun part. I’ve already cancelled all of my credit cards, cancelled and replaced my interact card, and filed a police report. Next, the hassle of replacing my driver’s license, health card, air miles card, video store cards, goodlife card, etc, etc, etc.

I really hope that I’ve made a mistake and I’m going to go home and find my wallet in some out of the way nook or cranny of my apartment. It would make my life so much easier, not to mention my faith in humanity.


Anonymous Lindsay said...

You failed to mention this to me when we were chatting at your house yesterday, Ms. Dentry. How AWFUL!

BTW, thanks for the drill bits. Because of them, I now have a fully functioning closet. :)


11:56 a.m.  

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