Monday, January 09, 2006

Addiction Satisfied!

I was so exhausted last week that I napped every day at lunch time. Then I had the foolishness to schedule a session with my accompaniest for NATS at 9:30 Saturday morning, which I followed up with a complete lack of judgement in reading until 2 am Friday night.

I had delusions of accomplishing something useful on the weekend, since I’d deliberately stayed home every night last week with the intention of cleaning the office, but I failed once again. Instead, after the singing, workout, and shopping with younger brother, I slept for several hours, and then finished off Season 5 of Gilmore Girls. The addiction is dead!

However, I can expect to succumb once more after Season 6 is released on DVD... long live the addiction!

Fortunately for me, Season 6 is currently being aired on TV for the first time, so I’ve got at least a 6 month window of safety. All those stacks of paper in the office must be shaking in their boots.


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