Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pain is Good

If I just say it often enough, maybe I’ll believe it.

I signed up for and attended Kelly’s Speed, Quickness, and Agility class yesterday. I knew I was letting myself in for a lot of pain, but wow! was I not mentally prepared.

It really wasn’t that hard, a dynamic warmup and a circuit that included 8 stops, which as a newbie I was expected to complete three times, then take a long break, and then complete another three times.

It was a nice theory, but by the time I was finished the first three sets, I could barely breath, my throat was raw and inflamed, and I couldn’t get enough air. Fortunately for me, someone suggested going outside. I was able to at least stop coughing after breathing the clear, cold air, and I didn’t completely wimp out. I continued to do two more laps of the circuit.

The circuit consisted of 10 calf jumps, a ladder rung exercise where you pattern your feet into and out of the rungs, a 6-cone cutting exercise, throwing a medicine ball to a partner 10 times, sprinting the length of the field, shuffling around a box (always facing one direction, so that you have to shuffle in each direction and run backwards), attempt to beat a partner in racing from the middle to a cone 5 meters away on the right, across to a cone 5 meters away to the left and back to the middle, and then throwing a medicine ball into the air three times.

I’ve certainly done much harder workouts in my past life of insane athletic training; between my workouts with the Ottawa Lions and those at Acceleration Ottawa. It just goes to show how much I need this training.

So say it along with me, “pain is good, pain is good, pain…”


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