Friday, April 21, 2006

Curiously Unmotivated

From a work perspective, it has been a strange couple of weeks. I appear to be dealing with the transition off of my current project, and onto some at-this-time unspecified new one, in a less than ideal manner.

Somehow my days have been jam-packed with things that only Tara can do; like trouble-shooting production problems, delivering training, and lecturing my hapless replacement.

Which in one way is a darn good thing, because I'm finding that when I have any spare moment free of such immediate tasks, my ability to focus on anything work-related plummets to zero.

And then there is the other way, the way in which this combination of crazyness and sloth is going to result in my simply not getting done some of the activities theoretically on my plate before I leave. That way is a way that leads only to trouble and heartache. Although fortunately from my perspective, not trouble and heartache that I personally will have to deal with. However, I do feel somewhat sorry for the people I'm leaving behind.

What's that? You see something lurking behind me? Could that be the spectre of the unknown project I'll be going to?

Nonsense, I say. As long as I don't look at it, it can't possibly be there. Nothing to worry about at all...


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