Monday, October 30, 2006

Hallowe'en Part 1

Well, I think I made an excellent witch at the Swing Dance on Friday. Participation in the costume part of the evening was fantastic! Myles made a dashing pirate - and won the award for best male costume. Personally I think his secret was giving each lady he danced with treasure from his stash (chocolate gold coins) - it can't have been the way he called us all wenches! I was most impressed - we stayed nearly to the end of the evening (we left at ~12:15) and he kept his sword, hook and eye-patch on the whole time... he even managed to dance in that get-up - albeit with a significantly limited repertoire of moves.

For me, of course, the dancing was more important than the costume, so I lost my broom after the first dance; and, due to a problem I didn't foresee until I tried to dance with it, the hat followed quickly after. It turns out that dancing gets to be very tricky if you artifically add a foot to your height. Even my shawl was a distraction that could get tangled up and become a choke hazard if I wasn't careful. Next year, there will be more attention to detail in the "making my costume dancable" department!

The Swing Ottawa flickr sitehas a few more photos for anybody who is interested - now all I have to do is track down Adrian for the photo he took of me!

Saturday we carved pumpkins - always lots of fun, though I was distracted at a critical moment and the top layer of pumpkin seeds got a little charred. I stuck with my traditional triangular evil jack o lantern face, which looks good as always... but I may have to figure out a way to up the ante next year. It's good to try something new once in a while, yes?

Last night I stayed up once again sewing costume bits... I now have a pink underskirt and a sparkly blue overskirt (cut with the traditional fairy points). If I could only figure out what to do for a headpiece!

Stay tuned for Hallowe'en Part 2!


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