Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bored Now

Willow's infamous words ring true, and the evil intentions behind them are rising inside of me. I need meaningful work! Before I destroy something our of sheer frustration!

On the other hand, I've had time to make myself a list of 27 things that I need to do, relating to spring cleaning, maintenance/repairs for both buildings, improving my financial housekeeping. Let me tell you, just reading the list is exhausting, never mind doing anything about it! On the other hand, I've accomplished an additional 9 items that used to be on the list, and four more are in progress. It would be nice to keep going and get all of these things done. So I'm really going to try not to book myself up with activities for a while. One activity a week for the next month or so seems reasonable.

I've caught up with all of my closest friends, and now I'm ready to start working my way outwards to people who I only see a few times a year. Not that socializing is on my list at all. If it was, I hate to think how long the list would be!

So, now I have to figure out what to do to keep my mind from turning to mush. Perhaps this blog would be a good place to record my progress. In fact, how's this: from now on, when I finish a vaguely intellectual book, I will write a quick summary/analysis here. That way I have to pay attention to what I'm reading, and maybe some of it will stick. First up, a book about the early childhood years. Give me a few days to finish it, and then I'll tell you what it's all about.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Life, Again!

Indeed, I am once again lucky enough to be able to call my life my own. No more rehearsals, no more performances, no more lessons... well, almost no more lessons (I'm taking a beginner salsa class right now - but only for two more weeks).

Now I have the time to focus on the rest of my life - getting things done around the rental buildings (oh, and what a list I have going on there!), advocating for any kind of meaningful work at my job, spring cleaning, and most importantly seeing my friends again. I've missed you!

Perhaps soon I'll have interesting things to say - until then, adios!