Friday, April 21, 2006

Curiously Unmotivated

From a work perspective, it has been a strange couple of weeks. I appear to be dealing with the transition off of my current project, and onto some at-this-time unspecified new one, in a less than ideal manner.

Somehow my days have been jam-packed with things that only Tara can do; like trouble-shooting production problems, delivering training, and lecturing my hapless replacement.

Which in one way is a darn good thing, because I'm finding that when I have any spare moment free of such immediate tasks, my ability to focus on anything work-related plummets to zero.

And then there is the other way, the way in which this combination of crazyness and sloth is going to result in my simply not getting done some of the activities theoretically on my plate before I leave. That way is a way that leads only to trouble and heartache. Although fortunately from my perspective, not trouble and heartache that I personally will have to deal with. However, I do feel somewhat sorry for the people I'm leaving behind.

What's that? You see something lurking behind me? Could that be the spectre of the unknown project I'll be going to?

Nonsense, I say. As long as I don't look at it, it can't possibly be there. Nothing to worry about at all...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Missed You!

For any of those who read my blog but don't spend lots of time with me in real life (are there any of you out there?), you will be happy to know that all of the luggage arrived safe and sound on Sunday.

Having now been back for two weeks, I can safely say: I missed everybody while on vacation! It takes quite a while to catch up after being away for a month. My kitties have been extra-clingy since I returned, though it shows signs of wearing off, as Bianca is no longer joining Katie in the night time sleep-on-Tara routine.

These past two weeks have been full of excitement and drama. I've been attempting to train my replacement at work, and I have been shown the carrot of the next project to which I may, if I am lucky, be assigned. It has all of the criteria I could ask of it: interesting work, a new area of business, a large project (~70 people), lots of other business analysts, and exposure to a different group of people at my current company, which can only good for my career. Now if only this assignment actually works out!

There have been exciting developments in the lives of various of my friends, none of which I feel appropriate to share here, but all of which have me chortling with glee! Don't worry, when you hear about them (whether from me or not) you'll know what they are :-)

Also, for any friends and relatives living out of town, I am now equipped with a webcam, so I can have video chats! Let me know if you want to try it out.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Home again!

In one piece; if somewhat luggage deprived. We arrived at the Sydney airport slightly more than three hours early to check in for our flight home, only to have the lights go out just as we were getting to the front of the line.

Unfortunately, the entire terminal was affected by the power outage. Fortunately, they have backup power, so we weren't in the dark. However, it took them an hour before they got anything working, and then they were starting to hand-check luggage. Although we didn't get confirmation that our luggage was not wanted on the voyage until we arrived in LA, I think we can be pretty certain it never made it out of Sydney.

But I am home, looking forward to a reunion with my kitty-cats tomorrow, and if I'm lucky, a reunion with my luggage within a few days. And if not, at least my newly acquired opals were in my purse :-)