Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bringing the Swing!

For all of you out there who like swing dancing, I highly recommend the Ottawa Swing Dance Society’s Friday night parties. If you know what you are doing you can probably skip the introductory lesson part from 8:30-9:30, but after that you can swing all night for just $5.

Luke and Mika and I went this Friday, and even though there was a bit of a gender imbalance (weighted towards women) it was easy to find people to dance with; besides which the announcers commented that they’d never had such a huge imbalance.

Sadly, it turns out that the moves and dancing skills you need to know to dance socially on a crowded dance floor are somewhat different than those required for taking semi-private lessons with a single partner; I was very rusty!

The other thing I’ve discovered is that I need to learn at least one type of swing that can be done to slow songs; most of the more experienced dancers there were doing the lindy hop to the slow songs, and my other option would be triple-swing, but I’m not really comfortable in either.

Someone did teach me the basic for the lindy hop though, which should decrease my confusion for the next time.

If anyone is interested in going, I’d always be up for company!


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