Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hallowe'en Part 2

Handing out candy to little kids is definitely a lot more fun when you dress up!

However, I'm not convinced I'm a fan of scaring the kids too much... we made one little boy cry :-(

A few times I had to use my good fairy persona to convince kids to be brave enough to come up the stairs and face the pirate who had just bellowed Aaarrrr! at them.

And I even had to take candy down to one little 2-year-old lion... so cute!

We tried to catch the Rocky Horror Picture Show (I even went to the trouble of collecting most of the props we needed: lighters, toast, rice, water sprayer, newspapers, cards, rubber gloves) but were thwarted in our attempt... and rudely so, I must say. We just got to the front of the line when they ran out of tickets, and I know exactly who to blame: one of the three rude girls who had snuck into line behind us decided to run ahead and buy tickets without waiting her turn for that either...



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