Monday, November 06, 2006

It Don't Mean a Thing...

... if it ain't got that swing!

I had a superfantastic whirlwind weekend in Kingston at the Nat and Yuval workshop: 20 hours of dancing in the span of 48. What could be better?

Well, how about adding in cool aerials, dancing at 270 bpm, a vastly improved swingout, groovy blues moves, a dance party with a live band and a blues after-party that went into the wee hours (and beyond - I left at 2:45 but if I'd been really dedicated the party lasted until 5:30 am).

Ironically, one of the highlights of the evening for me was dancing with an elderly gentleman named Emmett, who managed to lead me in foxtrot despite the fact that I've never really done it before, while threading through the masses of swing dancers to accomplishthe travelling pace that is so typically foxtrot!

Other highlights: nailing the first aerial (props go out to Ben!); watching the individual who took the celebrity spotlight theme of the party seriously enough to show up not only looking like Michael Jackson, but dancing like him as he performed to Billie Jean; a couple of really good blues dances with Norm; all the delightfully good leads who danced with me at the party; and succeeding at the floorial which I have for lack of any other title decided to call "stirring the soup" with not just one or two but a whole succession of leads.

Good times!!!

And now, I hurt. Everywhere.

Mental note: swing workshops are just as gruelling as ultimate tournaments! Stay in shape!


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