Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Catchup Routine

I got lost yesterday when I tried to write a post to describe my weekend, so instead of overwhelming you (or me!) with detail I’m going to pick a few highlights:

Friday night: Korean BBQ
A quick heads up to all you meat-eating men out there (particularly if you are the sort of meat-eating man who refuses to eat vegetables): Korea Gardens on Rideau St. will sell you a huge plate full of meat and let you cook it over a gas grill at your table, with very few vegetables in sight (unless you count bean sprouts and kim chi, which I have to say I do not). Perhaps Maria and I should have been more circumspect, but as we were not I ate an overwhelming amount of tasty meat.

Saturday morning: Rohan at the park
After four hours Saturday morning, I was left with the delusion that baby sitting Rohan wasn’t all that hard. Change a diaper here, take him to the park there, offer him some crayons, put on a movie, how hard was that!

Sunday all day: Rohan at the friends’
Delusions dispelled! I guess I’m not all that great at coping with a toddler who simply refuses to nap, and although I tried Chris’ suggestion to lean on him until he got bored and fell asleep, I was too frail of constitution to put up with more than 10 minutes of red faced screaming, so Rohan ended up skipping a nap that day. On the other hand, we did enjoy the pantomime! I would have liked to see the whole thing but we left after an hour and a half at intermission, because there was no way Rohan and Cate would have made it through another hour and a half.

Sunday night: Mmm beans!
Mike and Arlene do cook up a fabulous mess of beans! Even better when eaten by dipping baguette and havarti :-)

As for last night, I forced myself to finish writing the story I started Saturday night. That was very difficult and I’ve decided that I’m going to go away for a couple of weeks and pretend that I’m not the person who wrote that story.

Ta for now!


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